What Is a Computer Consultant?

By Larry Teren

What Is a Computer Consultant?

A computer consultant is someone who advises a client on their computer system for the best way to get the most out of the software. A consultant at times has to be a business analyst. A consultant is told of a request or problem. He (or she) is then obliged to come up with one or more solutions and offer them to the client. The client may or may not accept the solutions. But, from the advice given by the consultant, the client is better informed so that they can either accept a solution or devise their own.

A good consultant should be one who can then follow through and enact the solution. Advice is cheap. A client doesn’t need to just get advice. It may be that the consultant is capable of solving the problem or following through on a new request. Sometimes the consultant will not be able to roll up the sleeves and do the work but will know how to communicate the need to someone else who can. This is important as well.

Our expertise is such that when it comes to accounting systems, we understand the situation and are more often able to provide a solution. If something is broke, we fix it. If the client wants to understand how an inventory item posted a certain cost to the general ledger, we are usually able to do the forensics and figure out what took place. We understand how to do the research.

If a customer asks how they can export information in a different way into Microsoft Excel or extract selected data based on special selection criteria, we know how to get the results that is wanted.

If a customer needs to have one software product interact with another, we know how to cut through the red tape and get the answers that will tell if it can be done or not.

In short, the computer consultant facilitates the efficient usage of a computer system.

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