The Politics of Software Migration

What part of your business drives the need to switch software? If you are a manufacturer, probably a better bills of material, materials planning system. If a distributor, probably better order processing and inventory replenishment linkage. If ecommerce, probably software that offers an improved customer experience with data access.

Reality strikes when during the process of choosing new software you find that other departments object to features that are not how they want it to be even though they are a secondary need. In other words, those pushing for a better material planning system don’ t care if the new software they want has an awkward accounts payable section. Or the warehouse manager who is excited by features that improve his ability to track and process inventory finds that the sales department is being unreasonable if the reports they used to get are not readily available in the new system.

Be prepared to insist that whomever is rewarded with the contract to install your new software also be able to satisfy everyone so that there is no degradation of what you previously had. And be williing to pay for it. Or be willing to walk the political tightrope.

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