Accessing OSAS Data in Excel

By Larry Teren

1. Go to Microsoft Excel. (The screen shots used here are from Microsoft Excel 2010)

2. Click the DATA tab and the FROM OTHER SOURCES. Slide down to FROM MICROSOFT QUERY and click (See screenshot below). Continue reading “Accessing OSAS Data in Excel”

How to use SQL Query Feature in Enterprise Manager

By Larry Teren
Do the following in order to generate an sql query that you can paste into Microsoft Excel:

Log into Enterprise Manager and establish a properly configured database. Click on the TABLES tab, highlight a table name and double-click on it. In our example below, we have chosen ARCU, the customer master file. Note that it indicates there are 13 rows or customer master records in the table (or file). Continue reading “How to use SQL Query Feature in Enterprise Manager”

Enterprise Manager is versatile OSAS to Microsoft Excel link

By Larry Teren

If you feel at home using Microsoft Excel and want your business accounting software to integrate with it, consider the Enterprise Manager your friend. Basis’ Enterprise Manager has been a welcome utility for Open Systems Accounting Software (OSAS) users since its inception a few years ago. The Enterprise Manager is included for free ever since the bbj version (java enhanced business basic) was adopted for OSAS. Continue reading “Enterprise Manager is versatile OSAS to Microsoft Excel link”