Payroll Service or In-House?

Should a business process their payroll using a service or in-house? I’ve observed that it has less to do with cost but rather preference. Some businesses do not want the bother of hiring qualified personnel who can manage the payroll and validate the computer calculations and keep them up to date. Others prefer to keep it in-house with total control and immediate access to dispensing checks or submitting direct deposit.

For some businesses, it is important to collect time ticket data and apply it to work performed for billing purposes. In these instances, some form of payroll needs to be used in-house. Despite this, I’ve seen where businesses take the time ticket information and still pass it on to a payroll service for processing. I’ve also seen businesses decide to just keep the entire process in-house.

Just because a business maintains the payroll in the accounting system doesn’t automatically mean that withholding checks are generated through the A/P module to submit to the various taxing authorities. More often than not, this type of linkage requires an enhancement to the software.

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