ODBC Setup in Control Panel for Open Systems Accounting Software (OSAS)

By Larry Teren

1. Click on access to Control Panel link.

On Windows XP, click Administrative Tools Link

On Windows 7, on right side search box, type ‘odbc’ (see screenshot below)

2. On Administrative Tools screen, select Data Sources (ODBC)

3. Once in ODBC maintenance wizard, click on FILE DSN tab and then click ADD

4. The next screen will highlight available odbc drivers installed on your system.
if you have properly installed OSAS version 7.x on your workstation, you will
see bbj odbc driver as a choice. highlight it and click NEXT.

5. you will be prompted for a name for the new odbc connection. call it OSAS.

6. the configuration screen displays. enter a description such as OSAS ODBC.
the server name should be the host name on which your osas data sits. on
a single-user installation, it will be your machine name which can be found
in your computer properties. on a multi-user system, it is the server name.
the default user name is ‘admin’ and the default password is ‘admin123’.
otherwise, use the name and password that you have set up for the
enterprise manager.
the default database name set up via enterprise manager is OSAS Data.
this set of instructions presumes that you have made sure that the correct
folders are pointed to in the enterprise manager configuration as well as
the correct company id.
it is also wise to ensure in the enterprise manager that you have configured
odbc to read-only and not write back to the data files.

7. once you have approved the configuration screen, you will come to the
final task. you will see the new odbc connection labeled OSAS. Click OK
to approve its addition.

For more information, call (773) 502-5771 .
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