Multi-user Software Tool

Multi-user accounting software should provide designated task managers with a tool to see:

  1. Who is using the system
  2. Which files are open

There are obvious reasons for this especially when a process is unable to be performed.  Accounting software written using the bbj programming language facilitates this tool using the Enterprise Manager.  Below are two examples of identifying which users are currently on the system and which files are in use.

emterprise_manager_1    A

(click on pics to get clearer view)

emterprise_manager_2    B

Screenshot A shows the list of users when the BBJ PROCESSES option is highlighted.

Screenshot B shows the list of files open and the BBJ Users who have them open.   Both tasks have an option that allows the Enterprise Manager user to delete or kill the BBJ user process highlighted as well as individual instances of open files.

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