Is OSAS, Open Systems Accounting Software, Good Business Software?

By Larry Teren

Is Open Systems Accounting Software a smart purchase? It is a legitimate and fair question. The answer is that it is a good fit for many but may not be appropriate for others. We shall explain:

For economy and convenience it is probably a good idea to stick to Quick Books if you are a home-based business,. This type of product is sold for less than $500. You may end up paying more for professional assistance, but that is expected for any type of accounting software installation.

Open Systems Accounting Software (OSAS) is unique in that the source code is provided for free. Some competing accounting software charge extra for access to the source code. OSAS does not require a special run-time version that needs to be compiled. In today’s high speed server environment, access time is not a major issue. And not too many business software products run on multiple platforms. OSAS runs on both Windows and Linux.

It is a modular system. A typical purchase requires AR, AP, IN and GL modules. If order tracking is important, then PO and SO are be additional modules to consider. A module lists at approximately $1700.

OSAS has a graphical look to it that allows it be mouse driven, although it may not be the typical layout and functionality that one comes to expect from a Microsoft productivity product. It sits on a java engine, utilizing many java applets. The most common java feature is the forms generated code for invoices, pick slips, packing lists, bills of lading and purchase orders. The javascript blends in with the regular business basic code which accomodates the redesign of an existing form or the facility to create other forms.

Open Systems Accounting Software may not be Microsoft Dynamics or Great Plains, but it holds its own especially if price is an issue when you want to implement a feature rich accounting system. OSAS version 8.0 now uses Jasper Ireports to allow saving to Microsoft Excel besides the standard pdf and text formats.

An eight user, eight application module new installation of Open Systems Accounting Software including first year maintenance (which guarantees any updates made available during the course of that period) costs under $25,000. Compare this to other fancy systems of similar configuration costing more than double or triple this amount. Installation fees, training and modification are extra. Most OSAS users purchase it because they anticipate making modifications and appreciate that it is easier to code and less costly than a system written in the “dot net” environment.

It is very sexy to bring up the idea of installing enterprise systems. This way the user can interface their system through a protected web portal. Open Systems Accounting Software also offers a module called OSAS WEB B2B that allows orders placed over the internet to post directly into the sales order system while also allowing customers to view their history and order status. It should also be pointed out that any and all B2B products require hosting on a Web Server.

Other specialty modules are:

Contractors Job Costing- specially helpful to general contractors who do construction management and need AIA billing.

MPM – Materials Management, MRP, Work Order Flow, Shop Floor

Landed Cost- for importers who need to contend with import duties and carrying costs.

Info-Alert – lets you train the system to make you aware of trigger points of special business decisions.

Our answer can be summed up that Open Systems Accounting Software is the right business software for many types of small to medium-sized businesses who are looking for economy of expense, flexibility in being able to have source code modified relatively conveniently, richness in features along with availability of tried and true third party add-ons.

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