EDI Implementation Choices

Today, just about anyone who wants to sell to a mass retailer is required to implement EDI , Electronic Data Interchange, to communicate with their trading partner. EDI has been around for a long time. In the 1970s it emerged as the electronic option of choice for railroad piggyback freight forwarders to track where their rail cars were at any given moment. By the 1980s it morphed into system-wide acceptance by major retailers for use as advance shipper notices, purchase orders and invoices.

Pricing Components:
1. Fee charged per transaction/document.
2. Monthly fee for maintaining an electronic mailbox or VAN for sending and receiving docuements.
3. Some solution providers also charge for the number of bytes sent.

Method of Access:
In-house EDI transalation software vs. Web-based document form service.

Translation software may cost a few thousand dollars to install and set up bridges to existing accounting software. It gives you control of both inbound and outbound documents in a way that eliminates the locked in procedures for web-based

With web based forms, you will still need to program how to take data in and out of your accounting system with the push of a button rather than enter the information twice. Having an in-house EDI translator makes the process more seamless after the required enhancements are programmed.

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