Drill Downs

Accounting software is no longer text laden and dull looking. With high speed processing, gigabyte measured RAM  and terabyte filled storage capacity, accounting software is presented in slicker fashion. One expects to see spreadsheet features and graphs built into reporting. In this post, we concentrate on drill downs.

One product generates an A/R aging report as a print preview in summary format. In the example below, note that the customer id is colored in blue and underlined to offset it against other pieces of data on the row.

When you click the customer id, it  brings up a separate print preview that drills down and shows the supporting
detail (as shown below)


This allows the report user to first review the information in summary format eliminating the need to weed through several pages and only then bring up the extra detail on demand.


Another facet of drill down is to look at a summary transaction such as in general ledger and click it to drill down to the sub-journal source detail. Take a look at this GL transaction screen:


Note that on the fifth row, the figure of -3500.00 is in blue. This indicates it is eligible for detail scrutiny. To do so, one double clicks the field, and a second screen pops up showing the supporting detail (as shown here):


In the above example, the summary line indicates cash is withdrawn from the bank due to A/P check writing. The supporting detail indicates the check info.

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