Automating a General Contractor Workplace

You are a General Contractor.  A typical day has you on the phone negotiating a mechanics waiver of lien, procuring updated W9s from vendors and subcontractors, evaluating work in process, and resolving job site issues.

Now you have upgrading your office automation on your mind as well.  For what should you be looking?


Accounts Receivable Software but… AIA Billing or

Job Phase Billing or

Cost Plus Billing

A/R Aging Report by Job

Accounts Payable Software but.. Expense History tracking linked to job/phase
A/P Aging Report by Job
Retainage Invoicing and Control
Subcontractor Reporting
Email to Subcontractors of To-Do Tasks
Job Cost Software but… Job Profit Reporting
Estimate vs. Actual Cost
Change Order Tracking


You are looking for someone who understands your business and will help you navigate to the right system. It’s your money and business on the line. Give us a call at (773)502-5771 to get you on the right track.

For more information, call (773) 502-5771 .

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